How expired domain with bad backlinks impact your SEO

“Your bad backlinks with or without An  expired domain, Is hurting your site SEO.”



I have searched for these questions insanely on google when A new blog of mine was not having any organic traffic. Frankly speaking, Organic Traffic was zero.

  1. Why my blog is not showing in google?
  2. Does used domain affect SEO?
  3. How to check bad backlinks?
  4. How to find And remove bad backlinks free from google?

And lots more like these questions…..

So I started searching for my answers on google And From My blogger Friends.


Q.1 Why my blog is not showing in google?

Like I always say,Most of my post on this blog are from my experiences.Sometimes good experiences ,Sometimes bad.

And this post arose from a very bad experience.

Few months ago I made a new blog and registered a new domain for it.The domain was so much exact looking to my niche and I was literally feeling lucky to have that domain.I liked my blog to that domain,Was posting regularly and Did some SEO strategies And All.After some months I felt that the blog was not getting any organic traffic.My rankings were getting down day by day and I was like m I doing any mistake?

Well I was not doing any mistake .I Did a mistake And That was my domain.

The domain I was using,Was a used/expired domain.

What is an expired Or a used domain?

Used or expired domains are those domain which were owned by someone else before you bought it.They used it in their own way.They made their own backlinks on it and then they left it when they are or they are not done.

How I got to know my domain is an expired one?

I Was looking for the problem with my blog and one day I searched for the backlinks for  that domain on and I found that domain was having 1000+ backlinks that includes spam, 404 to my blog as They had their own post permalinks.I was still in little doubt if it was an expired domain or not And After searching on google I found a website called internet archive wayback machine where I was able to check when was that domain used in last few years and also this website keeps some screenshot of the old website version . I got confirmed there that the domain was in use.


Q.2 Does used domain affect SEO?

After finding my domain history,I got answer to my first question(There are many reasons that cause a site to not rank high but this reason was a major reason for my blog that time).Then I started thinking about SEO.I Got another question in my mind

Does used domain affect SEO?”

Depends on kind of backlinks it had And in most cases YES It affect.

Your domain backlink with a permalink that doesn’t points to any of your blog permalink affect your blog SEO.When we buy any expired domain,It’s obvious that they  have  made backlinks according to their need and their permalink including spam if they were bad at SEO strategies.It’s their karma. But problem is their good or bad,Whatever backlink they had,Are now your bad backlinks and it’s not good for your blog.

Remember one thing,Even if a backlink is having only domain name in it,It’s bad for your current blog because whenever we make a backlink with containing only domain name in it,Google also index the other links on that domain that time.

So I Was confirmed that the this used/expired domain is hurting my Blog SEO by it’s bad backlinks. So I decided to find those bad backlinks.

Q.3 How to check bad backlinks?


Well there is lot’s of websites where you can check your bad  backlinks but some of those ask you to buy the paid version to view all backlinks and rest others are free but can’t find all of your backlinks.

Then where we will get our all bad backlinks listed for free?


Yes. This brand has provided bloggers lot’s of services for free and this service is one of them.

We can find our bad backlinks in google webmasters tool. This tool keeps record of all your good and bad backlinks and believe me they are way more exact than any other website.

So to find your bad backlinks all you have to do is to go to the google webmasters tool and in left sidebar click on “search traffic” and click on “links to your site” from drop down menu.Once you click this option Click on more under who links the most section as shown in screenshot below

bad backlink,why my blog is not showing in google,how to remove bad backlinks,remove bad backlinks free from google,find and remove bad backlinks

Next you have to do is to click on “Download more sample links” button.

bad backlink,why my blog is not showing in google,how to remove bad backlinks,remove bad backlinks free from google,find and remove bad backlinks

When you click this button it shows a pop up block it ask about the file format. Select CSV format and download it.

Now open the downloaded excel file.

These are all your backlinks till last update.

So I had answers to these  questions till then

Why my blog is not showing in google?

Does used domain affect SEO?


How to check bad backlinks?

Okay so I was  known to the facts  why I was not ranking high,What the problem behind that and had a list of problems in my hand :)

What next?

Next, I had to remove those backlinks.

Q.4 How to find and remove bad backlinks free from google?


When I was confirmed that bad backlinks are hurting my seo,I was a bit nervous.Like I had worked on that blog with new expectations and Also made quality backlinks for it and now I m here with nothing in my hand.

But I was wrong.

We always have everything in our hand.All we need is to find it on google in case of blogging :)

I started searching for possible solutions.There were some companies to remove bad backlinks,Some cool guys on fiverr but I can’t hire any company because I’m not running a huge brand that have lot’s of fund to do tasks like this for themselves and I can’t hire any guy on fiverr not because they charge too much(they are inexpensive) but because of a thought that if a fiverr guy can do this Then why can’t i?

And the first thing I was introduced to, Was google “disavow links”  feature.

Truly If Blogging is A solar system,Google is probably the Sun.Google webmasters have a tool called Google disavow link too where you can report all your bad backlinks to google and google will not consider those backlinks when it comes to website rankings.

To do this All you need to do is to go here and Select  the domain you want to clean and disavow backlinks by uploading a list of the bad backlinks.

But there is a thing.The list I had in my hand had all the GOOD and The BAD backlinks.

So I needed to select bad backlinks out of all and make a text file of them with each link in a separate line.

Well we need to do this thing ourselves because there is no tool available to do so.The backlinks made by us and only we had an idea that which one is a good and which one is a bad backlink.

So to do the process faster what I did is I firstly  listed the domains where I had most of my backlinks and checked those domains. Every domain that looked like spammy or I never visited , I copied all of the links from that domain from the backlinks file I downloaded ,To the text file I had to upload to disavow tool.

By using this process I listed most of my bad backlinks in minutes and then I checked rest domains with single backlinks day by day.

Finally I had a list of all my bad backlinks in my hand and without wasting my time,I Uploaded the text file to google disavow tool and believe me in next two days I was having a traffic off 100-150 visits per day.

bad backlink,why my blog is not showing in google,how to remove bad backlinks,remove bad backlinks free from google,find and remove bad backlinks


You also can manually request google to review your website (like I did) after disavowing links.





bad backlink,why my blog is not showing in google,how to remove bad backlinks,remove bad backlinks free from google,find and remove bad backlinks

This process may take up to several weeks.So you need to be patient about it.

The Alternative Method

Well that’s how i removed my bad backlinks.

But in case you think there are too much of bad backlinks and you are confused between and the good Backlinks and the bad Backlinks,You can buy a new domain and transfer your blog to that.The consequence will be loosing all your backlinks and google rankings and you have to start your Off Page SEO strategy  from bottom again.

 Final Words

I suggest you to go for first method for removing bad backlink if you are having a blog with lots of effort in it.Be patient and i’m sure you will get your blog clean.


Stay Blessed. Happy Blogging  :)

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