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Nokia to Launch Virtual Reality Headset In A Week?

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Written by Nitin vasu

Virtual Reality Devices


Virtual Reality Devices Are Being Liked Too Much Now A Days.This Is A Whole New Technology That Seems To Give A Totally New Dimension Mostly To Entertainment Industries.It Will Be Also Useful For Other Fields Like Medical Science.

VR Headset,A Virtual Reality Headset Is Most Popular Term Today In Field Of Virtual Reality Devices.A Kinda Of A Wearable Device That Covers Your Eyes Totally And Make You Feel A Whole New World.


Isn’t That Cool?


Watch This Video –


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Are These Devices Available In Market?

Yes. But Only Some Of Companies Like Oculus Have Their Devices In Market And Still These Devices Need Too Much Improvements.

The Big Brands In This Field.

Well, The Big Brands Like Samsung,Sony And HTC Are Working On Making Their Virtual Reality Devices.

But, Imagine If Companies Like Samsung,Sony And HTC Are Pricing Their Smartphone Around $1000 Or Approximately 60,000 INR, Then Their Virtual Reality Devices Will Be Out Of Reach Of A Common Man.


The Good News

Well The Good News Is Nokia Is Planning To Launch Their VR Headset Device In Next Week In VIP Event At Los Angeles And Also They Will Launch It With Their Own Content And Platform , According To Sources.

The Company Has Already Hint Their Fans That They Are Planning To Make A Comeback In Market With Some Partners.

All Fans Of Brand Nokia Are Expecting A low Price For It As We All Know Nokia Is Always Best On Making Something At Decent Pricing Plus Great Durability.

So Like Us,Comment Us What You Know About Virtual Reality Devices And What You Are Expecting From Nokia.

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