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TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio version 8  is a kind of way more different thing than any other screen capturing or video editing software.With added features like including multi-track video editing and embedded hyperlinks,It also have things like great codes and all.

Most of the How-To videos you watch on youtube videos that contains things like how to edit picture in photoshop or things like how to work with any website platform,You will probably watching a video recorded by using camtasia studio 8.




The embedded player is so smooth and it shows the editing results on the go.No delay actually.Also you can import videos formats this much variety range-














You can manage multiple videos on just a single screen too.

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Camtasia studio 8 is a kind of software that is easy to use.It can be used by an 15 year old teen and I must say,It’s outcome is like Adobe Cs studio in some of it’s features.Record whatever you want to record with it. Whether It’s a how to video or you want to record a game activity,Camtasia 8 recods everything for you that plays on your screen.

Ok imagine,If you are tired of working and want to save your current work for later use.You will probably thinking of  loosing it but not with camtasia studio 8.You can save you work processed till now to process it later according to yourself.

This software can be used in demonstrating most of things that you can’t simply demonstrate using a slideshow.

For example,If you want your team to make understand how you processed the whole file and you know you can’t make them understand the whole process through bunch of slides.That’s where camtasia studio works for you.You process that file.Make a video out of it and than show it with the instructions poping up at th exact right time.



One of the best features I must mention is that in other screen recording softwares,You need to set resolution according to yourself first else your video will be  not that cool.But camtasia studio 8 record you video aas per your computer screen resolution itself.

So taking all these features,camtasia studio 8 is a must have software for demonstrators.I myself use this software from years and I must say it’s great thing in some MBs.

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