A Device To Charge Multiple Devices And Phones Using Wireless Charging Technology

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Device To Charge Multiple Devices And Phones Using  New Wireless Charging Technology


The Mobile Charging Technologies Are Changing Day By Day.Every Smartphone User Want A Easy To Use Charging Technology And To Fulfill The Customers Requirement,Smartphone Companies Having Research In This Direction.

What We Are Up To?

To Make A New Change In Charging Technology,Smartphone Companies Introduced Wireless Charging To Smartphones.People Were Excited About It.But This Was Not A Totally Wireless  Technology.They Introduced A Charging Pad.We Have  To Place Our Phone On It To Get Out Device Charged.

We Didn’t Expect That.

WattUp — Wirelessly Charging Technology

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The technology company Energous Corporation is about to launch WattUp, The Wireless Charging Device That Gonna Charge Wireless Devices In Totally Wireless In Range Of 5m(15 Feet) Suing The Same Technology The Wifi Routers Use.


How It Will Work?


As Seen At at CES 2015, WattUp Works By Using A Mix Of Radio Frequency (RF),Bluetooth And A Lot Of Patent-Pending Technologies.
WattUp Transmitter Will Communicate And locate Compatible Devices Using A Bluetooth Module. Once They Are Connected To A device, They Will beam Out RF Signals That Are Converted Into DC Power By a Smart Small chip Embedded In The Device.
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When We Will Have This Technology In Our Hands?


We Have Seen So Many Of Exciting Technologies In Market But After A Time The News About Them Fade Away And We Never See Technology Around Us.

But The Company Says This Technology Will Be In Market By End Of 2015 Or In Starting Of 2016.


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